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September is a time when we feel the air getting cooler, change is in the wind, for our children it’s time to go back to school and for us older ‘children’ it’s time to get back into routine and think about setting new intentions and new beginnings. In fact, in the Jewish religion, this is when the New Year is celebrated! So, it’s a time to renew yourself and think about losing a few extra kilos you’ve been carrying because you let yourself go in the summer and most importantly to find a way to activate well-being in your home and lifestyle. 
This can be created by moving some furniture around to create a new look and feel in your home. Perhaps you could bring in some new autumnal colours such as dusty pink, dark orange, yellow, sandstone and green. You could also introduce some new artwork to your home or move around some existing artwork. We have plenty of Feel Good Photography to suggest for you on our online shop. 
Maybe you would like to buy some new lighting to create more Mood Lighting for your living room or bedroom. We have some really fun Globe Lamps which are easy to set up.
For some of our fellow globe citizens, curfew and quarantine is a daily reality in this new situation we’re living in with Covid19. This means that some of you have to stay at home and work and even exercise at home. We have a great solution for you with our Bloon seats which have been lovingly designed by an osteopath and will look fun and wonderful in your home. They will cheer you up when you feel like a bounce to release tension or you want a few moments to work on your abdominal muscles. Or maybe you want to use them to improve your posture since you find yourself sitting around a lot at home. We have a range of playful and neutral tones which you can choose from to create a new look and a fresh start.

Design Tips to activate Well Being in your Home & Lifestyle

  • Set new intentions and make those changes to feel better about yourself
  •  Embrace your routine and the grounding, calming effect that offers
  • Introduce change with some home accessories in autumnal colours
  • Move your furniture around – make those changes you have been thinking about for a long time!

    Lamp     Cushions


  • Treat yourself to some Feel Good Photography to uplift your mood
  • Create Mood lighting for cozy nights in that are approaching
  • Find a way to keep fit while you’re at home with our fabulous Bloon seat


Globe Lamp

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