Celebrating Colour in your Home

On May 9th we are celebrating Mothers. The mother figure in your life is to be loved and appreciated. We would like to thank our mother for her endless support, her sunny attitude towards life and for teaching us that it is essential to follow your heart, be happy and grateful. Our mother is a creative soul, an excellent artist who has inspired us to follow our creativity in our own individual ways. Growing up we were always surrounded by colourful, joyful paintings. We take this opportunity to shine a light on her presence at Maison Demetriades with a small selection of her beautiful artwork in the Wall Decor section of our eShop.



Colour in your Home

In our Interior Design portfolio you can see that our appreciation for colour has come out through our work. We love neutral palettes, white sofas, oak floors and white walls however we always introduce colour. Colours help boost your mood and give personality to an interior.

Colour gives a room character. It provides structure and helps your room have a story of what you like and are about. You can invest in home accessories, wall decor and furniture or even just paint walls. The light of different colours can affect your emotions and there is a general psychology of colours. Of course someone’s personal response can be different to another but below are some general beliefs for you to consider when making choices for your home:

  • White - Pure and even more luminous when combined with colour . White creates airiness, calming, simplicity and elegant space. White is perfect for Mediterranean living but Scandi design lovers like us love it too


  • Blue – Soft, calming peaceful when you want relaxation and inspiration.
  • Pink – Romantic, nurturing, sweet and playful. Pink has a sense of fun and enjoyment.


  • Purple – Luxurious,  magical, and spiritual . It encourages creativity and lighter shades are very calming
  • Yellow – Bright, magnetic and encourages creativity. Introduce for a positive vibe, it’s the colour of sunshine afterall.
  • Green- Introduce green when seeking balance, and a harmonious, soothing vibe. Loved by those who appreciate nature.


  • Neutrals of grey, brown, taupe and black are sophisticated , earthy, powerful and welcoming help to ground a space and add glamour.



Gift  Ideas for Mum

  • Treat mum to one of our new arrivals! Mum equals big bag when she is thinking about what to carry for you and herself. We are sure she would prefer to do it stylishly. Our Reversible Tote Bags are multifunctional and with several compartments. You can take your tote bag with you anywhere; to the beach, for a weekend break, on a shopping trip….Once you have it you won’t be able to do without it!


  • Cotton Kit for her creams and make – up. Goes perfectly with the Reversible Tote bag and Backpack


  • The Wheat Warmer now in New calming and rebalancing colour Olive Green, available with lavender fragrant flowers so mum can enjoy all her senses and help her relax even more. Best served with her favourite drink


  • Just Me candle in Lavender & Lovage to have a tranquil and calming harmonious aroma that evokes a sense of relaxation


  • New colours of our Fedora hats back in stock! Such as Army Green for a sophisticated natural look


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