Embrace your Summer Time

Living on a Mediterranean island it’s only natural that we adore summer.  It’s the time of year where you want to be outside all the time, enjoying nature, especially the sea and sun! If you can’t make it to the beach you definitely want to enjoy sitting in your garden or veranda for a while every day. It’s time to prepare healthier, lighter meals, drink some rosé, get your linen cushions out, refresh your wardrobe, style up your garden furniture, bring the Summer Spirit into your home and start feeling wonderfully light and airy.
 Home decor accessories
 Home decor accessories
Dining and Kitchen designed by Maison Demetriades
  • Time to get fit and beach body ready. We have some beautiful designer beach rackets – perfect for girls that want to play with light, good quality beach rackets. Double bonus is you’re getting in shape on the beach
  • Bring out your linen cushions, or perhaps add a stripy cushion to your sofa. Visit our Shop page to see our new Summer cushion collection
  • Plan your vacation holidays and book those flights to have something to look forward to and be excited. Don’t forget to take your Fedora Hat with you for long adventurous days in the sun
  • Add a splash for summer to your walls with Wall Décor 
  • Freshen up your garden furniture with pastel coloured cushions, summer plants, prepare a jug of sparkling lemonade or Pimms and light a summer scented candle like this lemongrass and bergamot one by Jane Darcy 
  • Do some yoga outside and have a nice stretch on a yoga ball or on something more stylish like our Bloon Seat 
Fedora Hat Summer Vibes Bloon Seat
Rackets Cushions Summer plants
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