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Home decor accessories
As interior designers we pride ourselves on always being aware of developing trends in fashion as the trends in home décor and style often follow suit. For instance, when there are social developments in sustainability, ethically manufactured products and organically sourced fabrics you’ll be sure to find such options in Home & Lifestyle shops such as our own.
Nowadays it’s not uncommon for your favourite fashion labels to also create furniture and bed linen. So if you want inspiration for your home on what kind of style would suit you best - you can actually turn to your wardrobe to get a good idea on the style and colour palette you prefer. Design inspiration could be from Ralph Lauren, Missoni or even high street brands such as H&M.
Being sustainable also means designing with a vision to last. We design and encourage clients to invest in quality and pieces that make them happy. By doing this you will love your home for many years and can re-use items in different ways when its time for a change.

Design Tips to bring Sustainability into your Home & Lifestyle

  • Seek quality in organic, natural materials like wood over plastic or select soft cotton and natural fibers for your home and daily life. 
  • Invest in iconic pieces such timeless designer lounge chairs crafted from natural materials
  • Choose sustainable fabrics and products so you feel proud of your furniture selection
Home decor accessories
  • Introduce colours from the elements such as earth and water. For example terracotta pink was a popular fashion trend this year which looks beautiful in the home and is inspired by the clay of the earth or blues from the sea and sky to create a fresh, cool feeling.
  • Bring the outside in with real living plants for oxygen, general well-being, and the balancing green colour of nature.
  • Make sure your home supports your lifestyle for example the Bloon seat which can sustain your abs if you find yourself working at home or helping your children with their homework

Home decor accessories

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