Halloween at Home

Halloween Pumpkin Ingredients


Halloween is approaching, the time has changed with shorter days and longer nights which are ideal for creating some Halloween fun and atmosphere at home! If you have children or are nostalgic for the days you would carve pumpkins then start carving those pumpkins as it is always a fun acitvity. And you can always make pumpkin pie with the ingredients.

If you have children you may want to go all out, and if you’re looking for some more discreet and chic ways to be inspired by Halloween here is some inspiration below: 

 Design Tips to create Halloween at Home

Introduce Black - For sure, Halloween is associated with the colour black . It makes you think of the night, witches, cats, and spiders and everything else you cannot see. You can add a temporary touch and be dramatic with a black table cloth. Black is versatile and now a basic, neutral colour that works in more interiors all year round. 

Add some Orange - Orange or warm yellow like the colours of pumpkins create that Halloween atmosphere too. You can accessorize with cushions or throws or maybe you love the colour so much you may paint a feature wall in a darker orange. It can work really well if you like warm, rustic interiors and earth tones.  

Create the Mood with Lighting - You can introduce orange and yellow colours in the form of mood lighting. This creates a warm, cosy atmosphere and is enjoyable all year round. We have some fun globe lights and string lights for this too. For characteristic Halloween spirit you also need more candlelight. You can find candles in many sizes, shapes and scents and can continue to enjoy them for the rest of the winter season.  In fact you can create a decorative Halloween vignette with clusters of candles and a carved pumpkin in a corner of your home. 

 Nature’s Touch - And finally you can change the option of buying flowers this week and choose some natural wood elements, bouquets of branches and other dried flowers to decorate your home and leave your straw broom on display for a change as if the witch came for a visit 😊

Halloween is here so that also means that Christmas is just around the corner! So, here is a special Gift Guide to get you thinking about Christmas presents:

Bloon seat - The perfect Christmas gift and health investment for your wife or husband. Your other half will have better posture and become happier and sexier because with the Bloon seat you get a workout while working. 

Globe Lamp – Fun to set up and romantic. All you need is a balloon and pump and voila, you have that special mood lighting you have been looking for! Check out Sophie’s demonstration on our YouTube page :)


Globe Lamp

Bloon Seat



Cotton Velvet Cushions – Every mother-in-law loves cushions and our cushions are perfect to add that new cosy feel

Wall Décor – Feel good Photography is always a lovely artistic gift for a busy person that loves art and who needs a little more sunshine in their life and home

Backpack – Practical and chic. Our canvas backpack is wonderful for the person who loves to carry everything with them. Either when hiking in the mountains on a nature trail or just a fun picnic day at the beach




Dusty Rose and Sand sandstone cotton velvet cushions in a lovely apartment in Limassol, Cyprus

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