How to Make Your Home and Daily Life Happier

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We’re well into 2021 now and things are still challenging to say the least. And it’s OK if everyone is finding the new reality difficult. It’s not easy working or going to school at home! It’s not easy still not having a big social life full of parties, dinners, celebrations and gatherings. This means we need to do everything we can to make our home and daily life happier. We have been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks and there are some core principles we like to keep doing to keep things fresh and bright at home.


This month we want to dive straight into sharing our go-to-tips: 

  • Move things around, re-arrange your furniture to create a new look and vibe
  • Remove items that you have been looking at for the last few months and didn’t get round to removing before Christmas. In fact, chuck anything in the bin that doesn’t give you joy when you look at it - Marie Kondo style
  • Buy something new for every single room in your home. So that every time you walk into a room you feel excitement to find something you recently purchased that adds some new joy and colour
  • In fact, add some bright colour to your rooms. Whatever colour is your favourite at the moment. While we love monochrome interiors we can’t resist injecting some colour into our interiors. Colour has the power to alter your moods and ignite different feelings. Perhaps each room in your home can have a different colour palette. You can add colour by changing your cushions, changing your wall décor, a new rug, a nice throw or even adding some flowers or plants, perhaps add some crystals to draw in positive energy.
  • Buy a new fun toy for yourself like you do for your children. Our favourite home décor toy is the Bloon seat which you can find in a range of colours


Major Blue and Rosa Square Velvet Cushions to add softness & luxury


PaintingsA gem to make you think and smile

  Romantic Vibes in a Telepherique 


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We like to call it LOVE DAY! After all Love is the most powerful vibration and it’s a time to think of all the special people you love. Here is a video of us in Little Venice, London in a beautiful nursery.


Ideas for Valentine’s Gifts from Maison Demetriades E-shop

  • You & I Candle EUR30 – burns for 45 hours. Sensuous and unmistakeable, this fragrance is perfect for the most intimate moments. 
  • Throw EUR97.95- Soft and snuggly woolen throw designed to fit perfectly in any home which you will enjoy for many years to come
  • Wall Décor EUR65.00 – so you can be inspired daily and feel good
  • Wheat Warmer - for pure relaxation or a pleasant sense of warmth. 
  • Scarf - Scarf foulard in silk to keep you chic and cosy around town or at home with friends and family


Wheat Warmers  Wall Décor
Scarf You & I Candle


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