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House decor reflects your personality and speaks about your taste in interior design, your understanding of color, and design choices. Likewise, one of the most important items you need when traveling is to choose the backpack to suit your needs. If you are searching for the best backpack or you are planning to decorate your home but too many designs are having you confused, then be rest assured, as Maison Demetriades has a super stylish collection to offer. 

Here are The El Stories personal choices

1.     Canvas Backpack 

This backpack in small size is ideal for busy summer workdays to-and-from the office or for your travels. Probably one of the best carry-on bags for travelers. One of the most comfortable bags we’ve ever traveled with thanks to its material (canvas/cotton/suede) and its adjustable straps. With one bag, you easily glide from location to location, always having just enough, but never too much. Last but least, we loved this bamboo green color and how easily you can match it with any outfit. We traveled around Greek islands wearing it and we couldn’t ask for something more stylish and ready-to-go backpack.


Canvas Backpack


Canvas Backpack


1.     Retro Lulu Table Lamp

If you have followed us for quite some time you will definitely know our love for interior design and deco items. This Lulu Table Lamp with soft, warm lighting, easy to place on both shelving and table, it’s ideal for enhancing your room with an ambient lighting effect. Fitting in a variety of design aesthetics, this one showcases an eye-catching silhouette. You can create a cozy bedside corner table, but you can also create a luxe look on your office table. theme


Retro Lulu Table Lamp



2. Wall Decoration

Photo Frames by Feel Good Photography. We picked the Pink Palm & the Cuban Car photography frames to decorate our office space. We turn a bare wall into a small gallery with these two frames. We couldn’t resist to pastel color photography, giving us the feeling of an exotic place that we have traveled before. Crafted from wood and glass, you can jazz up any blank wall and add a personalized touch to the room.


Wall Decoration


Wall Decoration


3.Decorative Cushions

 Who doesn’t love home coziness? The perfect addition to instantly update our space. These cushions are made from a soft and velvet cotton. Love the fact that they are double sided and super soft fiber. We picked dusty rose and sandstone colors, to liven up our living room and bedroom. You can choose your own favorite color that suits your style. It is definitely an essential decorative staple for the living room couch, armchair, lounge, sofa, bench or bedroom. 



Decorative Cushions
Decorative Cushions


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