Meditation Corner

From a young age our parents taught us about the importance of meditation, breathing, exercise and prayer. All these activities calm down your nervous system and enable you to tap into the joy of life and the essence of being present.
There are many meditation groups you can follow on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Our current favourites are by Maggie Erotokritou in Cyprus and Damien Wynne in Greece. If you struggle to meditate alone they have very soothing, comforting meditations to help you go within yourself and connect to your higher self 😇

Group meditations are very powerful and raise your vibration and it’s lovely to connect to other people’s spirits during these challenging times and help raise each other up.  It is essential now more than ever to bring peace, health and unity to ourselves, Mother Earth and raise our consciousness 🌍

We recommend creating a sacred corner for yourself in your home. This can be a space or a room dedicated to your meditation and relaxation which you can also share with your loved ones💗 Make it a special corner with your favourite scented candles, perhaps a special photograph, crystals or objects you love that bring you joy and happiness. You can place some pretty plants and cushions around you ✨ It can be a room or a special corner you retreat to when you want to have a moment to yourself and find your centre through breathwork.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube which can assist with breathing, relaxation and also Yoga classes! After all Yoga is also a form of meditation and great exercise to do at home 🏡



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