Playful Interior Design

Summer is a playful season! It’s when everything starts slowing down at work and people start taking their holidays to relax, unwind and have some fun. This year being an unusual year we think it’s a good idea to introduce the element of fun and playful times into your home.
Playful Design is a fun trend of 2020 that has been giving us a lot of inspiration this year. After a difficult time in the spring, it’s become clear that we all need to have some fun now. So introducing fun, stylish elements into your lifestyle and home is the only way-to-go! Play in Design is about creating an element of surprise and an inviting space. This month we delve into the different ways you can achieve a cheerful and fun filled vibe in your home.

Design Tips to bring Playful Design into your Home

  •  Playful design involves bright colours throughout but in our view we think it’s best to introduce one or two bright colours to make a room feel exciting. Go ahead and choose to paint one wall a fun colour like we did in this Bachelor Pad
  • Splash out on this BLOON inflated seat which is perfect to work on your abs while working at home! Or even put 2 Bloon seats together to create a playful setting for two friends catching up during cocktail hour
  • Bring the sunshine in and a happy feeling with colourful furniture like we have with these mustard yellow Gubi designer chairs in a Little Venice pied à terre
  • Invest in handmade beautiful designer beach rackets which will look cool in the entrance of your city home or beach villa for years to come
  • Be Inspired by Luxury Toys like this sophisticated Riva Boat hanging proud in your home.


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