Procurement is an essential and complex part of interior designing a space. It is a key component of project management in order to deliver a finished and polished result. We always consider procurement from the initial consultation, during interior design revisions all the way through to sourcing, budgeting, negotiating, value engineering, procurement, logistics and installation of all Furniture, Fittings & Equipment on site.

Interior Designers are often great at making the process appear very easy and seamless. However, this is a difficult process as it is a very complicated and time-consuming endeavour.



The actual procurement (purchasing) of items takes place after the design created has been presented and approved by the client. It is a very intensive second layer - often filled with obstacles and a lot of coordination is needed. Each order for a product or quote of a contractor must be reviewed and clarified several times checking all details are correct and ensuring accuracy. Payments need to be made on time and after orders are placed all deliveries must be thoroughly checked.

There are often problems that need to be resolved. Maybe the colour for a chosen fabric is not in stock – so do you wait until it is back in stock? Or choose something else? Maybe a specific product such as a tile which you initially sourced during the design process has been discontinued now that it is time to place orders! A myriad of such issues can occur while designing a house, and coordinating the orders and deliveries for many items.



Why hire an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer will make the procurement stage run very smoothly but often behind the scenes this is not the case. It is our job to make sure that designing your space is headache free so you can focus on the other important aspects of your life such as work or family time. An Interior Designer uses their experience to make decisions quickly and knows how to adapt the designs or procurement orders so they still meet their clients’ expectations.

We will make sure that no time is wasted for the client and they do no experience stress building their dream home. We communicate with all suppliers regarding ordering, specifications, coordination, quality inspections, delivery, budgeting and financials.  

Our responsibility is to make sure time is not wasted and value engineering is carried out during the procurement phase to deliver a fantastic, stress-free result to our clients.


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