Spring is here & our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning!

March is usually a rainy month where you get bursts of sunshine and warm days peaking through the winter haze. It’s the end of the cold, cosy season when you may feel like brightening your home, inviting friends over (hopefully soon!) and letting in the sunshine.

A nice way to get started, is to take this opportunity to declutter and get rid of any items that have been idly lying around your home since Christmas. Choose a time, such as Monday evening or a weekend morning to dedicate a few hours to tidying up each room in your home. You can strive to do it all in one sitting or each week spend a few hours chucking old things out which you don’t need.

We highly recommend reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. She is a Japanese consultant who has perfected the art of tidying up and organising your home.  She describes how to release items from you home you no longer really need, how to only hold on to items that Spark Joy and even how to organise all your kitchen utensils.

When you do a proper clear out, your home literally feels like it has lost a lot of unnecessary weight. When you come home you feel like your home is an old friend in a new body! Much like when you have finally lost the pounds during a period of going on a diet before summer. The added bonus of tidying your home is that you will have more clear, clutter-free counter tops and it will be easier to clean everything properly.

Our next tip is to start introducing some vibrant colour into your home. Spring is a time when nature starts to look its best, and everywhere you turn you may see pops of colour! Be it the lovely bright red poppies and blossomed almond trees in Mediterranean fields or the beautiful bluebells in the UK country side. You can change those furry, cosy cushions you have had on your sofa since Christmas to linen cushions with pops of colour. You can also treat yourself and start buying beautiful flower bouquets each week directly welcoming spring into your home.

As Interior Designers we often feel like Mary Poppins’ cousins, when we’re working on a new project. We feel it’s our responsibility to help our client create a fresh start in their life and bring in lots of love, fun and warmth into their home. We love our job and as Mary Poppins says “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and, snap, the job's a game!”

Springtime is an opportunity for everyone to try and be their own Mary Poppins and to work your spring cleaning magic on your home!

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