Summer Vibes in Interior Design

Summer is our favourite season! Born and raised in Cyprus, we were blessed to have the chance to enjoy fun filled sun and sea weekends on the stunning coastline of this beautiful Mediterranean island. In Cyprus the summers are long and sunny. They usually start in late April and come to an end in late October. With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to give your home summer vibes. Here are a few decoration tips to keep those summer vibes going during the season or all year round!


Décor Tips to bring the Summer Vibes into your Home

  • Summer is all about feeling light and airy. You can enjoy these feelings in your home as well. White walls and white furniture instantly make your home feel light and fresh. Introducing soft pastel cushions and fabrics will perfect the look
  • A summery rug is a sweet way to liven up and lift your summer space. Vivid colours and patterns will add visual interest and you can offer a statementpiece to your room.
  • Summer is a state of mind - of being open and feeling more casual and relaxed. Introduce summer scents such as citrus, lavender or the ocean from beautifully placed candles to evoke that relaxed and carefree feeling.
  • Bring the outside in with pops of greenery. It’s the simplest way to create those summer vibes. Bring an olive branch into your home, or some thyme leaves or even a framed photo of this Tropical Plant can do the trick.


  • Colourful art on the walls from handwoven baskets, to designer plates to feel good summer photos are a great way to bring the summer in. If you are an ocean lover you can use this framed photo of the ocean called Summer Vibes from our shop

  • Sheer curtains in your living space are a great way to evoke that romantic, carefree, relaxed vibe. Whatever time of year long sheer curtains billowing in the wind always echo summer holidays.


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