Working from Home

Working from Home 🏡 the new reality for many at the moment! Some have been doing it for longer, for others it’s a new experience. The only way forward now is to make the best out of the situation and accept that some days you will feel more motivated than others. Here we share what has worked for us:

1. Wake up and get dressed to feel good! Definitely no pyjamas or tracksuit. Be smart, comfortable and you will see that you won’t only look better, you will feel better too! 👗

2. Go for a morning walk, soak in the sun, nature & the buildings around you and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe you can still grab a coffee from the bakery or make a healthy breakfast to have in your kitchen, balcony or by the window ☀️

3. Create a designated work area. If you have a separate room that is your office -that’s perfect. This way you are not in areas you want to relax in or use for other activities. Maybe now is the time to give it more attention and love. If you do not have this option, or let’s face it after a month you need to move around and experience a different room in your home - we recommend your dining table and getting it ready for work time and completely clearing it when you’re done. Don’t leave it sitting there. A new day has to be a fresh start! 💻

4. Keep your desk tidy and inspired and leave things space to breathe. Have a good scent around you - add some fresh flowers or plants, a candle you love - citrus smells are refreshing and help to make you feel happier. Natural light is ideal and good task lighting is important ⭐️

5. Always place objects that inspire you and your business. Surround yourself with things that make you smile- you can add photos which inspire you or people you love like your family that support you as you support them 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

6. Take breaks, rest your eyes, stretch your body. Have video calls with your colleagues, face to face is always best. Have your lunch and coffee break away from your desk☕️

7. Put on some uplifting or calming music depending on what you like and when you need that extra inspiration or motivation! If you’re like us we even dance around to shake things off and celebrate the good stuff!🎶

8. Change clothing at the end of the day when you have finished your work as if you would when you come home🌃

We hope this helps and Here’s to another creative and productive week for all! 💪♥️


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