Notting Hill Apartment

Photos from our recent visit to our project in Notting Hill, London which is happily lived-in by a our client, a successful FinTech entrepreneur.

The brief included making it a space that is multi- functional with the young couple enjoying cozy days in, entertaining friends and family and also working from home in an inspiring environment.

A bedroom was removed to create a home Sauna, larger kitchen and dining, cozy living area , and plenty of work space for working- from- home, from the desk looking out of the window onto the green garden to the hip bar stools for working on the counter.

We chose honourable, natural, good quality materials and furniture and brought elements of the outside - in.


The combination of wood, cement and the existing brick wall create an interesting texture and depth with the mix of materials. The use of colour in the furniture and new lighting we introduced and plants create a wonderful and cheerful atmosphere which is also warm and stylish.

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